Love my Customers (well, most of y'all anyway)

Do you own a Lime Grasshopper original?  Do you love to take selfies?  This is the gallery for you!  I love my customers, and would love for you to share your pics of your Lime Grasshopper original!  Email your pic to me, and I will share it here, my Facebook, and my Instagram (that is, if I can figure out how to do all of that).

Craft Fair @ Carteret County Historical Society Museum

Lime Grasshopper at one of the craft fairs at the Carteret County Historical Society Museum!


Chester loves his sweater!

Chester love his sweater (and has always been one of my favorite models!)


My baby sister's gift in progress (glad this website happened after she was giver the pineapple welcome sign).



Fimo clay mermaid bike badge for my BFF.


Stephanie wearing her Lime Grasshopper original hat in NYC.  Cheers to that!


Shameless self-promotion!  Hubby's dumpster find solid wood cabinet.  Chalk paint with dark wax and acrylic beach scene.  Added some wheels.  Viola!  Liquor cabinet/bar.

Jellyfish.  Sorry, this one sold so fast I couldn't even list it!

I donated "Betsy", a beer cap mermaid pallet art to Carteret Smart Start Dancing with Our Stars. Congrats to Stephanie Mann are her partner Matt Lara for winning (I donated Betsy in their names)!  Keepin' in local!